Health, Physical Education and Recreation | Outdoor Environmental Education
R100 | 7276 | Jim Rogers

Class Times:  First 3 Tuesdays (Aug 30, Sept 7, 14) on Bloomington
campus 6-8p plus residential weekend Sep 25-26 at Bradford Woods.

Additional Info:  Food and lodging fee extra

Description of Course Content:  This course is designed to introduce
and enhance practical skills for leading outdoor environmental
education activities.  Upon completing this course students will know:

1.  Techniques used to teach environmental education in the outdoors

2.  Techniques that are most appropriate for leading environmental
education activities in an outdoor setting.

3.  Different learning and teaching styles.

4.  The relevance of different learning styles to leading outdoor EE

5.  Issues in teaching outdoor environmental education activities
facing practitioners in the field.

Required Book List:  The Georgraphy of Childhood:  Why Childern Need
Wild Places by Gary Paul Nabhan and Stephen Trimble; Beacon Press,

Summary of Assignments:  Class Participation, Lesson Plan and
Presentaion, Book Review.