Health, Physical Education and Recreation | Wildland Fire Fighting
R110 | 28271 | & 28272 Dave Calvin

Class Time:  October 9-10, 8a.m.-5:00p.m. daily
October 16-17, 8a.m.-5p.m daily

Location:  HPER 013 and nearby State forest on second weekend

Description:  These combined courses provide the basic knowledge and
skills necessary to become qualified as a Type 2 Wildland
Firefighter.  All topics of course are oriented toward suppression of
wildland fires.  This course is desinged for entry-level personnel
with little or no formal training in wildland fire suppression and
who may or may not be full-time firefighters.  Completion of this
training and passing of the Pack Test (aerobic capacity test) will
qualify State or Federal Employee as a Type 2 Firefighter enabling
them to assist with wildfires and prescribed fires.  Employees from
other agencies may take this training and may be able to be "Red
Carded" as a Wildland Firefighter by the Indiana Department of
Natural Resources.

Books:  Included

Assignments:  Readings and three page paper.

Evaluation:  30% skill demonstration, 20% expedition behavior, 30%
written examination, 20% three page paper.

Additional Fee:  The additional fee for the class is $150, which
includes educational materials and certification.