Health, Physical Education and Recreation | Management of Recreation Facilities
R266 | 7313 | Mick Renneisen

Description of Course Content: This course is designed to provide
students with an orientation into various theories, structural
makeup, design, operations and functions relating to managing
recreational facilities. The course will address faciltiy
development, use considerations and auxiliary functions that impact
the manager's role.  In addition, an overview of the foundations of
facility management will be presented.

Aims and Objectives of the Course:

A. Learn unique terminology and theroies pertaining to facilities.
B. Understand management functions and how they relate to facilities.
C. Learn basis facility development and design information.
D. Learn basic information regarding faciltiy utilization
E. Observe practical experience of actual facility operations through
F. Understand auxiliary faciltiy operations

Required Book List:  Introduction to Facility Management, A Reading
and Study Guide, by R. Mull, available at Collegiate Copies.

Summary of Assignments:  Assigned readings from the Reading and Study
Guide and selected articles will be used to stimulate class
discussions. Students are expected to come to class prepared to
discuss assigned material.  A project will be required that will
allow the student to work independently in order to foster an
understanding of facilities in operation.  This experience will
enhance the student's awareness and appreciation for the
extensiveness and diversity found in managing facilities.  In
addition, 5 exams will be scheduled to measure the student's
understanding of assigned material and class discussions.