Health, Physical Education and Recreation | Integrated Resource Management
R338 | 7327 | & 7338 Bruce Hronek

Additinal Information:  Field laboratory will be held four Fridays
only September and October 1:30-5:00p.m.

Description of Course Content:  An interdisciplinary and ecological
approach to undererstanding basic resource management concepts and
management practices.  Special focus on integrating resource uses,
coordination, resource characteristics, allocation and distribution
of natural and man modified resources.  Students will understand the
social biological and physical sciences that under lie sound and us
planning and management.

Required Book List:  Douglas, Robert W., Forest Recreation, Fifth
Edition, Waveland Press, Inc.  Prospect Height, Ill, 2000

Summary of Assignments:  The course outline follows the course book
reading assignments.  The lectures may be significantly differnet
from the outline.  Weather or other factors may change schedule of
labs.  Course requirments include a semester paper, three exams
(including the final exam) and class verbal participation.  Students
are required to attend all classes.  Fauliure to attend classes will
result in a significant grade penalty.