Health, Physical Education and Recreation | Wilderness in the American Mind
R385 | 7340 | Joel Meier

Description of Course Content:  In this wilderness management course
we discuss the evolution of wilderness beginning with the early
history and philosophy of the wilderness idea.  From that foundation,
we take a closer look at the Wildeness Act of 1964 and its
significance for management.  Finally, we look at how wilderness is
managed to protect natural processes while providing visitors with
the high-quality recreation opportunities they expect.

Required Book List:  Wilderness Management

Summary of Assisgnments:  Each student is required to write an eight
to twelve page midterm paper.  You will also make an oral report on
your paper at a yet to be determined date during the second eight
weeks of class.  Graduate Student Supplemental Assisgment for those
enrolled in R585- Graduate students are expected to provide more
academic rigor (in the form of depth and/or breadth) to their
classroom projects.  Graduate students are also asked to complete and
extra project assignment for the class.