Health, Physical Education and Recreation | Legal Aspects of Recreation, Parks, Tourism and Sports Management
R441 | 7353 | Bruce Hronek

Additional Info:  The class on the first Friday of the semester will
be held in the Law Library for instruction on legal research.

Description of Course Content:  Legal topics will be examined through
a combination of learning experiences.  The course provides students
with a basic understanding of the risk management process,
negligence, intertional torts, Constitutional torts, strict
liability, stand of care, attractive nuisance and other legal
subjects.  Readings do not necessarily follow the lecture.  Exam
questions will reflect both the lectures and the text materials.

Required Book List:  Hronek, Bruce B. and Spengler, J.O., Legal
liability in Recreation and Sports, 2nd Edition, Sagamore Publishing,
Inc., Chanpaign, IL  61820. Published 2002

Summary of Assignments:  Students are expected to participate in
class discussion.  The class is conducted in the Socratic approach.
Grading will be based upon a semester paper, three examinatins
(including the final), and extra credit assignments.  Particularly
import to a successful class experience is attendance.  Grades will
be significantly reduced by lack of attendance and participation