Health, Physical Education and Recreation | Research and Evaluation in Recreation and Leisure Services
R490 | 1212 | Dr. Sarah J. Young

Description of Course Content:  This course provides an introduction
to the research process as it applies to the evaluation of recreation
and leisure programs and services including design, data collection,
analysis, interpretation and reporting of findings.

Required Book List:
Riddick, C.C. & Russell, R.V. (1999). Evaluative research in
recreation, park and sport settings.  Champaign, IL:  Sagamore
Publishing, Inc.

Summary of Assignments:

1.  Literature Review:  Each Student will choose a topic related to
RLS and develop a brief leterature review on that topic.

2.  Comparing Resources.  Each student will select a scholary journal
and a professional magazine in the RLS field and develop a critique
that synthesizes their responses to a series of questions.

3.  Evaluation Project.  Making proctical application of the program
evaluation process will be an essential aspect of this course.
Students will be required to choose a recreation agency or program in
order to go through the steps of an actual evaluation.

4.  In-Class Activities.  Students will be expected to participate in
class discussions of assigned readings and complete some in-class
projects.  Points given for in-class activities cannot be made up.
Students must be in class in order to receive credit (points) for in-
class activites.