History and Philosophy Of Science | Scientific Ideas in the Last Three Centuries: What has Changed And Why
X220 | 7445 | Jordi Cat

Science has enjoyed for centuries a privileged place in our culture
by claiming to offer a special unified picture of the world.  This
course surveys important conceptual and cultural themes in the
history of science since Newton: why we trust numbers in science,
the rise and fall of physical and chemical atomism and of hard and
rigid matter, the shift in scientific knowledge as classifications
to knowledge as describing change, the role of tables and equations,
the close relationship between science and religion in the 19th
century, industrial revolution and the rise of energy physics, the
appearance of new notions of space, time and matter in the 20th
century, the Manhattan Project-from quantum uncertainty to nuclear
danger-(come and watch two documentaries!), and the relation between
the Manhattan Project and the Human Genome Project.