History and Philosophy Of Science | Topics Course: Pragmatism
X755 | 7462 | Elisabeth Lloyd

We shall explore the American Proagmatists’ views, concentrating on
their views about science. Reading assignments will focus on the
original writings of Charles Peirce, William James, John Dewey, and
George Mead, and criticisms and discussions of tor work offered by
their contemporaries, including Bertrand Russell, G. E. Moore, Frank
Ramsey, Hans Reichenbach, and Rudolf Carnap.

While the material of the seminar is primarily historical, our
investigations will center around the following interpretive and
evaluative aims:

To reconstruct and understand the positive theories of science and
inquiry advocated by Peirce, James, Dewey, and Mead.

To understand and evaluate the Pragmatist’s views of the aims and
methods of philosophy itself.

To evaluate key criticisms of these theories offered by their

To consider whether Pragmatist’s views of science can provide
anything of value to today’s philosophers.