Liberal Arts and Management Program | Gender and American Business
L216 | 7648 | Wendy Gamber

This course starts with the premise that gender is serious business.
We’ll examine how popular perceptions of masculinity and femininity
have affected access to business opportunities and influenced
business practices. We’ll also examine the actual experiences of men
and women in the business world.  We’ll analyze three themes within
this general framework: (1) men and women as entrepreneurs and
managers; (2) images of businessmen and women in American popular
culture; and (3) gender and policy in the corporate workplace. This
course takes a historical perspective; exploring the past helps us to
understand the present (even maternity leave and sexual harassment
have histories) and appreciate change and continuity over time.  But
we’ll also devote time and attention to exploring the present and
thinking about the future.

Requirements: mandatory attendance; active participation; short
weekly essays, and a longer research paper (about 10-15 pages).