Liberal Arts and Management Program | An Intro to Statistical Concepts and Reasoning
L316 | 7649 | Jason Klugman

Statistics “is the science of conducting studies to collect,
organize, summarize, analyze, and draw conclusions from data”
(Bluman, 2004). Analytical Problem Solving is a course meant to
introduce you to some basic statistical methods so that you have a
general understanding of the world of statistics. Statistics is more
than just a mathematical tool to uncover relationships in data; it is
a way of thinking about the design and analysis of problems that you
may encounter in your daily life and in the working world. This
course will teach you how to use statistics to design experiments,
collect, organize, summarize, and analyze data, and to draw
conclusions from data. This course will also help you to fit
statistics into the perspective of your career goals.

Statistics are everywhere, from the ranking of universities to
comparing the toxicities of different pollutants. Regardless of the
academic discipline that you follow, it is imperative that you
understand statistics so that you can make effective and convincing
decisions about your work (and your life!).