Liberal Arts and Management Program | Management Consulting
L316 | 7650 | Carolyn Wiethoff

The purpose of this course is to:
- Develop students’ quantitative and analytical skills to solve
business problems
and present viable solutions
- Extend strategic thinking skills through application of knowledge
frameworks to business problems
- Familiarize students with the consulting industry and career
trajectories within that industry
- Build up consulting skills through participation in field
consulting project
- Strengthen professional writing and presentation skills

To these ends, students first focus on exploring and analyzing data
bases from a variety of contexts. In addition to statistical tools,
students will learn a number of strategic frameworks they can use to
sort, define, and analyze copious data. Ultimately, they will ply
their data mining and analysis skills on two graded projects: An
intra-class case competition using data provided from Alaris
Consulting, and a field project focusing on strategic initiatives for
a local business. Students will also learn to analyze data “on their
feet” through case interviews and other impromptu and extemporaneous