Liberal Arts and Management Program | American Leaders & Leadership
L416 | 7651 | James H. Madison

This seminar will study men and women who rose to positions of
leadership and whose lives help us understand the choices and
challenges of today.  Much of the seminar will be biographical,
focusing on Benjamin Franklin, Frederick Douglass, Jane Addams, Henry
Ford, Alfred Sloan, Franklin Roosevelt,  Ray Kroc, Martin Luther
King, Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey, and others.  We’ll seek to
understand the choices they made in trying to manage in the changing
environments of their day as we think about change in our own day.
We’ll also consider current theories of leadership, questions of
ethical and moral leadership, and the relationships between
leadership, capitalism, and democracy.
Students will read biographies and autobiographies, write weekly
essays, interview present-day leaders, and prepare a research paper
on a leader of their choice.