Leadership, Ethics and Social Action | Beyond the Sample Gates
L105 | ALL | Bergonzi, Schonemann

LESA-L 105, Beyond the Sample Gates, Topics, S/H distribution
LESA-L 105 is a service-learning course and the introductory course
for the minor in Leadership, Ethics, and Social Action.  It fulfills
the Topics requirement for the College of Arts and Sciences. TWO

In the last few decades, more and more universities have encouraged
students to volunteer as a way to bridge the town-gown divide, to
gain job skills and practical experience, and to develop civic-
mindedness.  Service-learning combines the service ethic of
volunteerism with critical thinking skills and academic knowledge.
LESA-L 105 incorporates intentions to develop academic integrity,
respectfulness and concern for others, responsible citizenship,
ethical communication, and systemic social responsibility.

This course guides you to synthesize your volunteer experience and
your classroom learning.   We will center both the service
reflection and the academic inquiry on community assets, ethical
decision-making, the difference between charity and advocacy, and
growing from debate to dialogue.  We discuss moving from the
perspective of community service to one of “service politics,” where
individuals can act as co-creators of a public, common good,
connecting service to systemic social change.

The goals of this class are to:

--Develop analytical thinking and writing skills for this course and
for the future.
--Increase awareness of community concerns.
--Reflect critically on the role of volunteering in addressing
social problems.
--Examine cultural assumptions that influence actions.
--Synthesize practical and academic knowledge about community
--Use direct experience and reflection as a process of learning.
--Consider the factors of ethical decision-making by individuals and
--Create a meaningful understanding of what fuller participation in
a community can offer.
--Strengthen leadership skills and voice as an agent of change.

For further information, contact lesa@indiana.edu, or see the
website at www.indiana.edu/~college/lesa.shtml.