Collins Living-Learning Center | Writing Historical Fiction
L210 | 7924 | Loyal Miles

How do authors write historical fiction that is true?  This question will guide
our reading and writing throughout the course.  Based closely on course
readings, students will complete fiction writing assignments that explore
specific authorsí approaches to writing historical fiction.  As our understanding
of these approaches develops, we will turn to the events of September 11,
2001.  Discussions of our own personal experiences that day, a look at
related historical documents (photos, news video, oral histories from people
who were inside the Towers, etc.), and research into the broader historical
significance of 9/11/01 will culminate in a class trip to Ground Zero in Lower
Manhattan.  Based on our discussions, research, and the trip experience,
studentsí final projects will consist of writing their own historical fiction about

This course is open to students of any class standing.