Labor Studies | Women & Work
L290 | 28252 | Saulsbury, Camilla

Section 28252, 1 cr. Class meets Wednesday, 5:45  8:25 pm, November
3, 10, 17, December 1 and 8.

This class examines the changing nature and patterns of women's work,
the meaning work has for women, women's experiences with
unions/unionization, and the value of women's work to society. A
central concern of the course is the extent to which work contributes
to equality and empowerment or inequality and disadvantage for women.
In this course we will also consider issues such as how gender
significantly shapes a common experience of work, women's unpaid
work/caring, how work and the family interface, and the extent to
which women's working lives differ depending upon social factors such
as class, age, and race.  Instructor: Camilla Saulsbury, Sociology,