R335 | 25396 | Stein, S

In this course we will examine the development of religious life and
thought in early America, a period defined historically as embracing
the years from colonization and settlement to the time of the Civil
War. The class provides an occasion to reflect on the people, ideas,
and movements that have shaped the religious situation in our
nation. To some today, these early years in our national experience
may seem like ancient history; but, in fact, understanding the
religious legacy of early America is crucial for dealing with
present religious realities and challenges. Special attention will
be given to the growth of religious diversity and religious
pluralism in early America. Therefore issues related to the First
Amendment to the constitution will figure prominently in this
course. Required readings will include award-winning historical
volumes and primary texts. The course grade will be based on three
exams and three short document analyses.