R352 | 25402 | Manring, R

Topic: Medieval Devotional Literatures of India (I371/571)Survey of
medieval Indian devotional literatures with reference to the various
cultural milieus in which they were produced and their impact on the
importance for contemporary Indian cultures.  The term ‘medieval’
with reference to Indian literature covers a much longer period than
it does in Europe, ranging by some accounts from the 6th century
into the early sixteenth. In this course we will read some of the
earliest devotional Hindu literature, from South India; the northern
poems of the Krishna-devotional traditions; and some Indian Sufi
materials. Students will work with the best available translations
of these works, and those (graduate students) who possess the
necessary skills are strongly encouraged to read materials in their
original languages. We will determine the role of social class in
the devotional traditions and see what sorts of ethics dominate the
discourse. And we will explore the use of various tropes in the
devotional context with attention given to why seemingly
transgressive material has become so widely accepted and loved.