Theatre and Drama | Appreciation of Theatre
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T210 Appreciation of Theatre
Fulfills AHLA Requirements

This course provides a general introduction to theatre as an art
form and is designed for the needs of exploratory students.  The
goal of the course is to prepare students to become insightful
audience members.  Through readings, class activities, discussions,
viewings of video-tapes, projects and writing assignments, and
attendance at live performances, students will have the opportunity
to experience a wide range of theatrical activity.  Specifically,
the course allows students to 1) explore the nature of theatre art
and its state in the world today; 2) examine the contributions of
various artists who collaborate in a theatre production; 3)
understand the role of the audience in theatre; 4) delve into the
vast scope of theatre history; and 5) learn about play structure and
develop play-reading skills.