West European Studies | The Italian Short Story: From Boccaccio to Petrignani
W406 | 26128 | Storey, H

2:30-3:45  TR  BH208
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Taught in Italian

To this day, the short story reflects an artistic vibrancy that
resounds in daily concerns of the various regions of Italy. The long
and rich tradition of the Italian short story will be studied both
thematically and geographically, investigating historical and
contemporary typologies of the genre. Readings will include short
stories by Giovanni Boccaccio, Matteo Bandello, Antonfrancesco
Grazzini, Isabella Teotochi Albrizzi, Giovanni Verga, Italo Svevo,
Luigi Pirandello, Grazia Deledda, Dino Buzzati, Pier Paolo Pasolini,
Italo Calvino, and Sandra Petrignani. Taught in Italian.