West European Studies | Select Topics in W. European Studies: Golden Age of Dutch Culture
W605 | 25954 | Ham, E

2:30-3:45  MTWR  BH144
Above section meets second eight weeks only
Obtain on-line authorization for above section from department.
Above section meets with GER N450 and WEUR W406.

Taught in English. Course open to graduates and undergraduates.
While N350 gave students a general introduction to the contemporary
Low Countries, N450 will go into the history of the Low Countries
more specifically. Previous knowledge on the Low Countries is not
necessary. We will go through the history from the beginning until
today, by following a basic history survey and reading additional
excerpts of texts on/from the specific period. Within the history
framework, we will also focus on the development of the Dutch and
Belgian identity as they exist today and on the main streams in art

Simon Schama. The Embarrassment of Riches, An Interpretation of
Dutch Culture in the Golden Age (ISBN 0-349-51-075 5)