Afro-American and African Diaspora Studies | Black Liberation Strategies
A156 | 27694 | Guterl, Matthew

Black Liberation Strategies

A Comparative Class on the Struggles Against Jim Crow in the United
States South and Apartheid in South Africa


This course will offer you an opportunity to develop a comparative
perspective on American race-relations, specifically considering the
similarities and differences of the struggles against Jim Crow in
America and against apartheid in South Africa.  In both places, the
late twentieth century witnessed a revolt against the legal and
philosophical framework of racial supremacy.  The emphasis in this
class will be on two things: first, providing you with a basic
knowledge of the history of race-relations in each location, along
with a sense of some of the major themes and personalities of the
second half of the twentieth century; second, giving you the
methodological skill set to compare these two cases.  Special
attention will be paid to the philosophies of Martin Luther King,
Jr. and Malcolm X, the autobiography of Anne Moody, the life of
Steve Biko, and the role of African National Congress and Nelson
Mandela.  The course lectures, readings, and assignments are
designed to teach you what happened, when it happened, why it
happened, and also how to write and think about it.

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