Classical Studies | Roman Culture
C102 | 14765 | Anderson, William

C102 Ancient Roman Culture

An introductory course to the world and life of the ancient Romans,
covering the periods from their beginnings as a small tribe of
Italians living at the crossing of the Tiber River (roughly 1000
B.C.) to the times when the village had expanded to an Empire
dominating the Mediterranean area and much of Southern Europe and
Asia Minor (roughly 500 A.D.).  By readings and lectures, which will
focus on the social and cultural practices of these energetic people,
as well as on some of their writers and great politicians, we will
try to figure out what kind of people they were (not simply competent
engineers) and how they resembled and differed from us today as human

The course meets three times a week, and students are expected to
read the reasonable assignments in the text books for each lecture.
There will be two tests during the semester plus a final, which
together will count for 90% of the grade.  Occasional quizzes and
class participation will yield the last 10%.

I, your teacher, am a visiting professor from California, and I shall
try to do things in the customary Indiana manner, but no doubt I will
stray here and there.