Classical Studies | Elementary Greek I
G500 | 14786 | Goh

Fall 2005
Greek 100. Elementary Ancient Greek
(Mon-Thurs 12:20-1:10)

Donald J. Mastronarde, Introduction to Attic Greek (University of
California Press: 1993)

This course is the beginning of a yearlong introduction to ancient
Greek, intended to prepare students to read Greek prose independently
with a dictionary. The primary focus of instruction will be Greek
grammar, with classes consisting of short lectures, drills, and
translation exercises. In addition to daily homework assignments,
there will be weekly quizzes, four tests, and a cumulative two-hour
final. We will cover about two units of Mastronarde per week for the
first several weeks. Once the units get longer and more complex
(around Week 6), we will cover about one unit per week. Please
memorize the alphabet before the first class (Mastronarde Unit 1). A
pronunciation guide is available at:

Class preparation and homework*	20%
Quizzes					20%
Tests		 			40%
Final (Dec. 12)	 			20%