Classical Studies | Seminar in Latin Epic
L600 | 23044 | Anderson, William

L600 Seminar in Latin Epic

A course on Ovid's greatest poem, the "Metamorphoses".  Using as
texts the two volumes of text and commentary, which I compiled over
past years, we will focus on various aspects of this most diverse and
diverting poem.  For example, we will consider its generic
connections with both epic and elegy; its  asserted concern with a
chronological account (of myth, no less!) down to Ovid's and
Augustus' times up to A.D. 8, when Augustus exiled Ovid to the Black

Then, there are questions about what metamorphosis means to Ovid and
his characters; how he moves into his erotic tales; how he situates
himself in the Augustan world and to what extent he is  pro- or anti-
Augustus.  And so on.

I shall expect students to be able to read comfortably 200 lines of
Latin per assignment, and I shall have a substantial reading list of
scholarly books and articles (mostly on reserve, I trust).

There will be two short reports during the term and a research paper
of about 15-20 pages at the end.