Collins Living Learning Center | Resurrecting Abraham
L210 | 26854 | Taylor Halverson

Abraham is a first figure among three major world religions: Judaism,
Christianity, and Islam.  Who is Abraham?  Why is he so important to so
many?  How do the stories of Abraham inform our world today? In this class,
students will gain skill and confidence in reading ancient texts, become
conversant with three major religions, and understand contemporary religious
trends centered on the stories of Abraham.  This course begins with the
stories of Abraham preserved in the Bible.  We then study the emergence of
Judaism, Christianity, and Islam and their use of the Abraham stories to create
religious identity.  Finally, we explore how memories of Abraham continue to
influence the world today, even our own community of Bloomington.  In this
regard, students will conduct a research project exploring how citizens in the
community of  Bloomington remember Abraham and how his stories inform
their life.