Collins Living Learning Center | Drawing in the Digital Age
L210 | 26855 | Elke Pessl

In the 21st century, digital technology is continuing to revolutionize the way art
is conceived, created, and perceived.  As a medium especially conducive to
improvisation, the computer is influencing many artists to reevaluate their
approach to making art, fueling their conceptual concerns, and inspiring
experimentation in all types of media.  This course will examine the impact of
technology on the artist by investigating drawing and two-dimensional design
alongside digital methods.  Students will focus on visual problem solving
through ongoing sketchbook work and projects that involve transforming
drawings digitally and manipulating digital printouts by hand.  Emphasis will
be on the creative potential of each individual and developing ideas of
personal interest.  Students will also be exposed to historical and
contemporary artists who have been influenced by technological