Collins Living Learning Center | Gender in Turkish Cinema
L220 | 26856 | Filiz Cicek

This course is designed to introduce students to Gender and Turkish Cinema.
We will start with 1965-75 melodramas, where unusually strong female
characters, created under the influence of socialist ideologies of that period in
Turkey, challenge the status quo and find their individual voices.  Such
“active” feminine representations in film are unusual for Turkish as well as
Hollywood cinema. Using psychoanalytic and social construction theory on
film, we will analyze the similarities and differences between the West and
Third World Cinema.  We will then focus on “masculinity in crises” by
examining the competing and complementary aspects of two patriarchal
forces in Turkish daily life in film: Military and Islamic Tradition. Next we will
add yet another layer to our exploration of these issues with Turkish
Immigrant Cinema in Europe, mainly Turkish-German Cinema, which reveals
the complexity of cross cultural experiences of men and women in diaspora.
We will end with Contemporary Turkish Cinema, which, under global socio-
economic influence, exhibits more individual and urban based depictions of
men and women, compared to earlier, more collective and rural ones.