Collins Living Learning Center | History of Erotic Literature
L320 | 26859 | Tammy Eckhart

Sexuality is a natural part of human life.  However, what is sexual is, to a great
extent, learned.  This course analyzes erotic literature form different cultures
and time periods.  We will critically examine what this material reveals about
human nature, human relationships, society, religion, politics, and the world.
This is not a class about pornography – the readings have been chosen to
reflect different cultures, time periods, and types of literature with the
assistance of the Kinsey Institute.  The course will be composed of two parts.
“Past” will explore erotic literature from the ancient world until the mid-20th
century from around the world.  “Present” will look at examples of erotic
literature available on the American market today post an important
pornography decision by the Supreme Court.  To reflect all of American
society today we will cover as many ethnicities and sexualities as we can.
Warning: not all materials will appeal to all people; in fact, the instructor hopes
that some of the work forces us to think about sexuality and challenge
ourselves without negating our core ethics and beliefs.