Collins Living Learning Center | Bodies in Contemporary Cinema
L320 | 26862 | Sarah Sinwell

Over the past few decades, the exploration of bodies, particularly bodies
within the cinema, has become a more and more popular pursuit among
filmmakers and film critics, scholars and students. Studies of “body genres”
like the horror film, melodrama, and pornography now amass in abundance
on the shelves of bookstores and libraries. By introducing students to a wide
variety of critical texts, and focusing on independent cinematic texts that
students might not be exposed to otherwise, this course will  investigate the
ways in which bodies are mediated within cinema through the lenses of
gender, race, class, disability, technology, etc. At the same time, students will
focus not only on the ways in which films and readings privilege
representations of the body onscreen, but also the ways in which our own
bodies within the theatres and our living rooms off screen interact with those
bodies onscreen.