Communication and Culture | Discussion and Decision Making
C225 | 14916-14919 | Tba

Class Number: 14916-14919

Fulfills COAS S&H distribution requirement

Instructor: TBA

This course considers the challenge of participatory public
discussion and decision making in democracy.   It is premised on the
idea that individuals and groups are always bound up in public
institutions and vocabularies that both constrain action and provide
possibilities for action.  We will begin with an examination of
historical attitudes toward and practices of public discussion and
decision making in order to interrogate attitudes and practices of
today.   In the second half of the course, we will take up
contemporary approaches to deliberation in democracy in pursuit of
more vigorous and dynamic deliberative practices.  As the semester
unfolds, we will hold our conceptual exploration accountable to
practice in classroom deliberations on a controversial political
issue that emerges during the semester.