Communication and Culture | Using Popular Culture
C336 | see | Onestart Kaplan

CMCL-C 336 Using Popular Culture
Topic: Visual Rhetoric
Class Number: TBA
TuTh 4:00 PM-5:15 PM (TE F258)

This course meets COAS SH requirements

Instructor: Michael Kaplan
Office: Mottier Hall 209
Phone: 812-856-1365

Visual Rhetoric:
For the first time in the history of civilization, over the past 150
or so years images have become ubiquitous. From newspaper photos to
World Wide Web graphics; from television commercials and talk shows
to billboard ads and movies; from political campaigns and music
videos to art exhibits and clothing; nearly everything we think we
know about our common life is mediated through a staggering variety
of images. In this course, we will be concerned with the function(s)
of images in contemporary culture. We will try to discover the
specific communicative features of images and to understand some of
the key ways these features of are deployed persuasively. More
broadly, by reading a number of theoretical-critical texts and
directly examining a wide variety of media images, we will try to
grasp the distinctiveness of image-based culture. A central guiding
theme in this investigation will concern the consequences for our
private, social and political lives of routing public discourse
through the image.