Communication and Culture | Internship in Communication and Culture
C382 | ALL | Robert E. Terrill

Class Number: 14936, 23980

Open to CMCL majors and minors only
Prerequisite: At least junior standing
Obtain authorization to register from a CMCL Undergraduate Advisor
(see below!)
C382 may be taken for 1-3 credit hours

Professor: Robert Terrill
Office: Mottier 204
Phone: 5-0118

To help students to connect their coursework with the professional
world, the Department has developed C382: Internship in
Communication and Culture. Through internships, students make
practical applications of their skills, learn new skills, and start
to build professional networks in the field of their choice. CMCL
majors have held a multitude of internships at a wide variety of
both national and local organizations.  Though students are
responsible for finding and securing their own internship, they are
encouraged to utilize resources at the Career Development Center and
the Department of Communication and Culture.  Application available
online at     Complete and return the
internship application to Amy Cornell.  If approved, you will then
be authorized to register for C382: Internship in Communication and
Culture. At the completion of the Internship, students will receive
an on-site evaluation from their supervisor and be expected to turn
in a critical analysis paper per arrangement with the internship
supervisor. The Director of Undergraduate Studies will assign a
final grade of pass/fail.