Communication and Culture | Media Genres: Hollywood Italians
C392 | 26282 | Peter Bondanella

Topic: Hollywood Italians
Class Number: 26282
MW 1:00 PM-2:15 PM (BH 109)
Film Screenings (mandatory): Mondays 7:00PM-10:00PM

Fulfills COAS A&H distribution requirement
(Meets with FRIT-M 391 and CMLT-C 310)

Professor: Peter Bondanella
Office: BH 642

Hollywood Italians examines the long history of Hollywood's
treatment of Italian Americans from the silent era to the present.
The course will screen a number of important films dealing with the
dominant Hollywood images of Italian Americans: "Dagos" (Italian
American immigration and Little Italy) and la famiglia; "Palookas"
(Italian-American boxers); "Romeos" (Italian-American romantic
leads); and "Wise Guys" (Italian-American gangsters).  The class
will conclude with a brief look at several key episodes of the
important HBO television series, "The Sopranos".

We shall also read two Italian-American novels as well as an
anthology of Italian-American writing.

Films will be chosen from the following works:

Dagos:  The Italian (1915; Reginald Barker, director); Christ in
Concrete (1949; Edward Dmytryk, director); The Rose Tatoo (1955;
Daniel Mann, director); Marty (1955; Delbert Mann, director); Mean
Streets (1973; Martin Scorsese, director); Do the Right Thing (1989;
Spike Lee, director); A Bronx Tale (1993; Robert De Niro, director);
Moonstruck (1987; Norman Jewison, director).

Palookas--Stallone and De Niro:  Rocky (1976; John Avildsen,
director); Raging Bull (1980; Martin Scorsese, director).

Romeos--Valentino and Travolta: Cobra (1925; Joseph Henabery,
director) and Son of the Sheik (1926; George Fitzmaurice, director);
Saturday Night Fever (1977; John Badham, director).

Wise Guys:  Little Caesar (1930; Merlyvn LeRoy, director); Scarface
(1932; Howard Hawks, director); The Godfather (1972; Francis Ford
Coppola, director); The Godfather II (1974; Francis Ford Coppola,
director); The Godfather III (1990; Francis Ford Coppola, director);
Goodfellas (1990; Martin Scorsese, director).

Textbooks:  Bondanella, Hollywood Italians (Continuum); Puzo, The
Godfather (Signet); Di Donato, Christ in Concrete (Signet); Tonelli,
ed., The Italian-American Reader (Morrow).  Plus reserve materials
in the reserve room, the electronic reserve, and the media reserve
of the main library.


Just one note:  the graduate seminar offered at the same time at M 4
pm will use the same film series but will obviously have different
requirements and reading assignments plus seminar assignments each
week.  There will also be several extra books ordered on specific
films being screened (the Cambridge U Press Companions to The
Godfather trilogy, Do the Right Thing, and Raging Bull) plus
different readings on reserve.