Communication and Culture | Race, Gender and Representation: Ethnicity, Class and the Model U.S. Citizen
C412 | 22136 | Gershon

CMCL-C412:  Race, Gender and Representation
(Topic: Ethnicity, Class and the Model U.S. Citizen)
Class Number:22136
MW 9:30-10:45 AM, ARR

(Fulfills Culture Studies List A and COAS S&H)

Professor: Ilana Gershon
E-mail: TBA
Office: TBA
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This course asks two central questions: What kind of differences are
multicultural nation-states trying to govern, and what are the
paradoxes involved in governing these differences?  We will be
looking at the United States as a case study to answer these
questions.  What it means to be an American is defined in four
important public discourses: law, science, news reporting, and
celebration.  In this course, we examine how differences are
represented in each of these discourses, and what implications this
has for being a U.S. citizen.