Communication and Culture | Topics in Media History: Nightmare Movies
C420 | 22857 | Joan Hawkins

Topic: Nightmare Movies
Class Number: 22857
TuTh 9:30AM-10:45AM
Film Screenings (mandatory): Tuesdays 7:00 PM-10:30 PM

Fulfills COAS S&H distribution requirement

Professor: Joan Hawkins
Office: Mottier 113
Office Hours: TBA
Phone: 5-1548

Nightmare Movies expands the parameters of the horror class to
consider horrific themes which emerge in films that would not
ordinarily be considered horror: David Lynch’s  Blue Velvet (1986),
John Boorman’s Deliverance (1972), and Joe Birlinger and Bruce
Sinofsky’s documentary, Paradise Lost (1996), for example.  Films
are usually grouped in units, where obvious horror movies are
juxtaposed with the not so obvious. Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974)
is shown with Deliverance, for example. Written work includes two
papers, a take-home midterm and a final exam.  Students should
expect to read about 50 pages per week and to participate actively
in discussion.

Books include:
Deleuze, Coldness and Cruelty
Wendy Lesser, Pictures at an Execution
Xeroxed selection of essays

Films will include: Aileen Wuornos: The Selling of a Serial Killer
(Broomfield, 1992), Man Bites Dog, Henry: Portrait of a Serial
Killer, Daughters of Darkness, Venus in Furs. Andy Warhol’s
Frankenstein, No Lies, Mute Witness, Yoko Ono’s Rape and others TBA