Communication and Culture | Political Communication: Cultures of Democracy
C444 | 27839 | Gershon

CMCL-C444: Political Communication
(Topic: Cultures of Democracy)
Class Number: 27839
MW 11:15-12:30 PM, TE F260

Professor: Ilana Gershon
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Office: TBA
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Democracy has become a rallying cry in many countries around the
world –many social movements try to achieve democracy, and various
institutions and countries try to export it.  When calling for
democracy, are people speaking about an ideal or a practice?  In
this course, we are going to look at the relationship between
democratic ideals and democratic practices from an ethnographic
perspective.  We will ask about the cultural assumptions underlying
democracy and leadership, exploring whether democracy in Chile can
ever be same as democracy in South Africa or in the United States.
In short, we are asking what role does culture play in politics?
We are going to pay close attention to the assumptions lying behind
public accounts of democracy in media, polling, congressional
hearings, and so on.