Communication and Culture | Seminar in Media: Race and Popular Culture in Latin America/Latino Communities
C793 | 26300 | Yeidy M. Rivero

CMCL-C 793: Seminar in Media
Topic: Race and Popular Culture in Latin America/Latino Communities
Class Number: 26300
Meeting time TBA
Professor: Yeidy M. Rivero
Office: Mottier Hall 207
Phone: 6-3153

This seminar maps the interconnections among nationhood, identity,
racial ideologies, popular culture practices, and media artifacts in
the Latin American/ Spanish Caribbean/US Latino contexts.  Drawing
from research in the areas of history, anthropology, and media
studies, we will interrogate theoretical concepts such as ‘race,’
hegemony, resistance, hybridity, and mestizaje.  While
racial/cultural hierarchies in Latin America include indigenous
populations, in this course we will focus, for the most part, on the
racialization of ‘black’ and ‘mulatto’ communities.  Furthermore,
while most of the course readings will examine Latin America and the
Spanish Caribbean, we will also analyze the construction and
representation of Latinos/as in US media cultures.  The course
should be of particular interest to students in race and ethnic
studies, Latin American/Spanish Caribbean studies, African diaspora
studies, and media studies.