COLL-E 103 25994 A Question of Love (Mickel) (3 cr.) (Fall) (A & H)

In the topics course, "A Question of Love," we shall explore our understanding of the various emotions and relationships we cover by the word love. As a basis for understanding the different aspects of love in human relationships as represented in western tradition, we shall read and analyze an anthology of fundamental passages from several classical and medieval works, ranging from Plato and the Bible to Ovid and the Romance of the Rose. We shall use our discussion of these texts to analyze the representations of love in two medieval romances, Chretien's Erec and Enide and Gottfried's Tristan, one seventeenth- and one eighteenth- century French novel, The Princess of Cleves and Dangerous Liaisons, and an English novel of Jane Austen, Sense and Sensibility.