COLL-S 103 26156 What Is Tragedy? From the Greeks to Hollywood (Brillaud)
(3 cr.) (Fall) (A & H)

What did Antigone and Marilyn Monroe have in common? They were both viewed as tragic heroines in their own times. This course is an exploration of the human experience called tragedy. We will see that from the 4th century Athens to 21st century Hollywood the concept of tragedy has constantly been redefined and little if any consensus has been reached on what constitutes a tragedy.

Our discussions will be centered on artistic expressions of the tragic, whether a play, a novel or a movie. We will also read philosophical texts and analyze current media use of the term ‘tragedy’ in an attempt to answer the question: What is tragedy?

The readings include excerpts from Aristotle, Plato, Saint Augustine, Nietzsche and complete works from Sophocles, Shakespeare, Faulkner, Beckett, White... We will watch several movies including Hamlet with Ethan Hawke and A Long-time Companion...