East Asian Languages and Cultures | Chinese Literature I
C521 | 26246 | Bokenkamp

TOPIC:  Tang Poetry and Prosody

P:  Successful completion of C506 and C507; exceptions will not be
granted without the consent of the instructor

This course will introduce the student to both the varieties and the
basic principles of Tang poetry.  We will survey Tang-period
poetics, such as those collected by Kūkai (774-835) in his Bunkyō
hifuron, as well as a selection of works in the shi, fu, song, and
ci forms.  We will spend some time analyzing the language and themes
appropriate to these various genres, but our emphasis throughout
will be on the formal characteristics of traditional Chinese
versification and only secondarily on interpretive strategies.

Students will be expected to complete brief research assignments and
reports and to prepare a final research paper on one or more of the
readings presented.

Text:  Course Reader, available at Mr. Copy.