English | Romantic Literature
L332 | 22310 | Mary Favret

Mary Favret

4:00p-5:15p TR (30 students) 3 cr. A&H.

This course will cover the literature of the Romantic period in
Great Britain, roughly 1780-1832, considered one of the most
influential eras in modernity. It was an age that defined both
revolutionary and reactionary politics, underwent global wars as
well as the rise of imperialism, industrialization, and consumerism.
In the process it forged notions of freedom, consciousness, passion,
and history in forms we still grapple with today. Throughout, the
course will be organized along the fault-line between inner and
outer worlds; we will watch how and to what effect these worlds were
constructed, threatened, and even destroyed in the romantic writing.
We will read poetry, fiction, drama and prose, by writers well known
(such as Wordsworth, Keats, Byron, Austen) and less well known
(Barbauld, Hunt, Hazlitt); we’ll look at paintings and at least one
film; and we’ll take advantage of the resources of the IU libraries
for final research projects.

Requirements:  Devoted attendance, attentive reading, and engaging
discussion from all members of the class; bi-weekly responses to the
reading via Oncourse; two analytic papers (one 4-5, one 6-8 pages),
a mid-term and a concluding cumulative project (10-15pp).