English | Introductory Creative Writing
W103 | 16339 | Wilkinson

PREREQUSITE: Completion of the English Composition requirement.

16339	2:30p-3:20p	M	(144 students)  3 cr.

Discussion sections:
16340	12:20p-1:10p	WF	(19 students)
16341	12:20p-1:10p	WF	(24 students)
16342	1:25p-2:15p	WF	(19 students)
16343	1:25p-2:15p	WF	(24 students)
16344	2:30p-3:20p	WF	(14 students)
16345	2:30p-3:20p	WF	(17 students)

This course is an introduction to the art and craft of writing poetry and fiction for students who do not necessarily have this type of writing experience. Students will study the basic techniques and approaches of both genres by attending a weekly (Monday) lecture and also participating in a twice weekly (Wednesday/Friday) discussion. Students will be required to write their own poems and stories, respond to the writing of others, and to write creative exercises. Generally students will fully draft at least five poems and one full short story. Students can also expect to be introduced to a variety of published writers from diverse cultures and literary approaches. Course work will include extensive reading and two exams but the major focus will be on the studentís original creative work. W103 is the general prerequisite for other creative writing courses.

NOTE: This course does not satisfy the English composition requirement.