English | Elementary Composition 1
W131 | 16393-16522 | Staff

W131 is a course in academic writing that attempts to integrate
critical reading, thinking, and writing about phenomena and issues
in our culture. Rather than practicing a set of discrete skills or
often unrelated modes of discourse, the course aims to build
sequentially on students' ability to read both written and cultural
texts closely and critically and to analyze those texts in ways that
also engage and problematize students' own experience, the
perspectives of "experts," and the world they live in.

W131 aims to show students how the use of sources, agreement/disagreement, and personal response can be made to serve independent, purposeful, and well-supported analytical writing.

In summary, the course offers instructions and practice in the reading, writing, and critical thinking skills required in college. Emphasis is on written assignments that require synthesis, analysis, and argument based on sources.

Class Numbers 16486-16522 are set up as Basic Writing sections for students scoring 470 or lower on SATs, 20 or lower on ACTs, or Non-Native students. Please call 855-1430 for permission to register for these sections.