English | Writing Fiction
W301 | 16577 | Upadhyay

9:30a - 10:45a MW (15 students) 3 cr. PREREQUISITE: W103 or W203 (or equivalent). Section requires permission of instructor.

In this course you will not only read and analyze works of writers from the past and the present, including your own colleagues', but also learn to articulate your analytical skills in written critiques and class discussion. More importantly, you will produce your own writing (3 stories, a total of 30-45 pages), a process which will help you understand, experientially, how various aspects of the story come together to give it organic unity. You will read an anthology of international short fiction, representing a variety of styles and concerns, as well as a book on the craft of fiction. Overall, this will be a stimulating course, in which you will be consider and reconsider your own approaches and methods through reading and critiquing and writing.

To apply for admission, place a 10-15 page writing sample in my mailbox in BH 442, along with a cover sheet listing your name, email address, previous creative writing classes and a brief paragraph stating your reasons for wishing to enroll in this class. Apply early, well before your registration date. It may be several weeks before you’re notified of acceptance. Once admitted, you will be issued an on-line authorization from the secretary in Ballantine Hall 442.