English | Advanced Expository Writing
W350 | 16579 | Thomas Leahey

Thomas Leahey

PREREQUISITE:  Completion of the English Composition requirement.

4:00pm-5:15pm TR (25 students) 3 cr. IW.

TOPIC:  The Changing Male Image

This course provides students with concepts of change in masculinity
occurring since 1900 with a focus on American males including their
fatherhood, their history, their stories, and current authors’
perceptions of masculinity into the 21st Century as a framework for
writing. The course reader contains selections from literature,
narratives of historians, sociologists, and psychologists. These
texts are discussions of World Wars I & II as well as analyses of
the Fifties, Sixties, Seventies, and Eighties and the influence of
sub cultures and the Women’s Movement.  Additionally, students
conduct personal investigation and research. Video/film clips and
music also serve as lens for students to examine current icons of
masculinity to further their analysis.

From the course readings, students discover each era not only
retains certain elements but also reshapes and adds to what it means
to be masculine. Student papers summarize, reflect, critique, and
analyze the path masculinity has taken and is taking.  Through
discussion and response to the readings orally and in written form,
students utilize the texts to frame their papers.

Students will be expected to conference on one of the three formal
analyses.  The intention of the course is to improve writing skills
through revision, discussion and analysis of the Changing Male