English | Advanced Expository Writing
W350 | 16580 | Matthew Johnson

PREREQUISITE: Completion of the English Composition requirement.

2:30-3:45p TR (25 students) 3 cr. IW

TOPIC: "Perspectives on Community"

This section of Advanced Expository Writing explores many varied
conceptions of "community." We will first attempt to partially
answer the deceptively simple question, "what is a community?": How
is a community formed? From where does a community's motivation
come? What is the unique "language" or discourse of a community?
What are the laws/regulations/rules of a community? How does a
community maintain its cohesion? How does a community perpetuate
itself? It will be important to keep in mind that our object of
analysis is representation of communities, rather than the
communities themselves. We will then look at how communities
interact (or for that matter, don't interact) with other communities
and with individuals, and focus on different perceptions of various
communities from diverse perspectives.

By investigating how communities operate in their larger contexts,
we will have the opportunity to integrate reading, writing, and
analytical activities applicable to both academic and professional
fields. The course is designed to help us to strengthen our own
writing abilities, and to develop an intellectual community as a