English | Teaching Creative Writing
W554 | 16588 | Ardizzone

11:15a – 1:15p T


This course will examine the basic goals and methods of teaching the writing of poetry and fiction at the university level, from introductory courses to graduate-level courses. Among the subjects we will examine are the creative writing process, the dynamics of workshops, student-teacher relationships, methods of criticism, and the role and nature of exercises, revisions, and conferences. We will discuss what Flannery O'Connor, Richard Hugo, Dorothea Brande, and D. G. Myers, among others, have to say about teaching and creative writing, read various articles about the teaching of creative writing from back issues of the AWP Chronicle and The Writers’ Chronicle, examine the range of available creative writing textbooks, develop a series of exercises for beginning students, and critique fiction and poetry from creative writing classes.

Students will also write critical evaluations of creative writing textbooks, reports on visits to creative writing workshops, exercises in writing poetry and fiction, and design a complete course syllabus, with related supporting materials, for an undergraduate creative writing class.

W554 is designed mainly for students in the MFA in Writing Program, but is also open to students in literature and related fields. See the instructor for authorization.

Likely texts:
Becoming a Writer, Dorothea Brande
The Triggering Town, Richard Hugo
The Elephants Teach: Creative Writing Since 1880, D. G. Myers
Mystery and Manners, Flannery O'Connor
AWP Chronicle reprints (instructor provided)
Related creative writing texts