Fine Arts | Medieval Architecture
A325 | 26684 | Kleinbauer

This course will examine leading features of the buildings
erected in western Europe and the eastern Mediterranean in the
period from around 300 A.D. to 1500 A.D.  It is not a comprehensive
survey of medieval architecture; rather, it will take up topics such
as the profession of the architect; how such persons planned
buildings and building complexes (such as monasteries, palaces, and
castles); what materials and building methods were employed to
execute these plans; what structural and ornamental features were
incorporated into the original designs; what symbolism or meaning
medieval people found I their buildings; how the architecture of the
Middle Ages may be said to reflect attitudes of the medieval mind.
	Visual materials such as slides and educational videos will
be used as instructional aids.  There will be quizzes, a midterm and
final, and a paper.