Fine Arts | 19th Century European Art
A341 | 16612 | Facos

P:  FINA A102 or permission of Instructor

Survey the most significant developments in painting,
sculpture and architecture in Europe from the French Revolution in
1889 to the World’s Fair of 1900.  We’ll cover all corners of
Europe - from Norway to Italy and France to Russia.  We will examine
the cultural and historical contexts in which these works were
produced: colonialism, Napoleonic wars, industrialization and
urbanization, rising nationalism, changing political and social
structures, in order to interpret their meanis for contemporary
audiences and to understand what they can tell us about the past.

	Format: 2 lectures weekly, with videos, in-class
	assignments and discussions.

		3 quizzes, 5 short (2 pt), assignments, essay final,
3 3-page papers (1 film response, 1 research paper, 1 response to
story/novel). Films will be viewed on students’ own time, outside of

	Readings: A survey text, perhaps a short history text, a
course packet, and a short story of short novel.